Family Adventure Tours: How to Choose the Right Activity for Your Kids

Family Adventure Tours

Planning family adventure tours can be complicated. Finding an activity that everyone is capable of doing is the first challenge, then you have to make sure it’s something everyone wants to do. All your good intent can be crushed in an instant when you show up at the tour office just to find out your kids are too young for rafting or zip lining.

Choosing the Right Tour for Their Age

The first step to planning successful family adventure tours is choosing the right activity for your kids’ ages. For example, at Monkey Buggy we offer tours which are great for children ages 2-8, but the same tour might be totally boring for your teens. While preschool and elementary school-aged kids have a blast riding in the back of a buggy, older kids (age 7 and up) find riding on the back of an ATV much more adventurous.

Stimulating Kids’ Interests

Are your kids thrill-seekers who love roller-coasters? You’ll definitely want to take them zip lining in Costa Rica. Are they like happy little fish when you put them in water? Try a tour that includes time to snorkel. Are they nature enthusiasts who love learning facts about wildlife? They will love a jungle tour where you are likely to see monkeys.

Getting Grumpy Kids to Have Fun

The last thing any parent on vacation in Costa Rica wants to do is argue with their grumpy kid. Sometimes it can seem like your kid is completely anti-adventure and doesn’t want to do anything other than stare at a screen. We are all creatures of habit and some habits are hard to break.

To get grumpy kids out of their funk and into the adventurous FIT San Diego spirit, we suggest letting them take a leading role. Let them pick the family adventure tours during your stay. You’ll want to limit it to a list of 3-to-5 activities that you know are age appropriate. When kids feel like they have some control over a situation or it was their idea they are a lot more likely to get excited about it. 

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