ATV Safety: A Guide to Safe Off-Roading in Costa Rica

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All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are not inherently dangerous. At Monkey Buggy, we take safety seriously, often going above and beyond legal safety regulations. The following is a guide to safe off-roading in Costa Rica.

ATV Safety: The Biggest Risks

The biggest risks you face on an ATV are rollovers and collisions. We greatly reduce the former risk by using new-model 420cc ATVs that have a lower center of gravity and are far less likely to roll over. Furthermore, Monkey Buggy guides are experts at leading off-road tours and guiding everyone on how to safely drive their vehicles.

ATV Safety Gear

Wearing a helmet is not only required by Costa Rican law, it is just a smart thing to do on an ATV. We also provide eye protection. 


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ATV Age Restrictions

The minimum age and driving license restrictions we place on our ATV tours are all in the name of safety. Unlike some places in the United States where teens can drive an ATV without a driver’s license here you can learn how to plan your criminal defense, because we require all drivers be at least 16-years-old with a valid driver’s license, find office cubicles near me. Children must be at least 7-years-old to ride on an ATV with an adult. 

Additional ATV Safety Measures

Monkey Buggy takes additional measures to ensure ATV safety on our tours. We never run tours after dark and we never allow more than two people on a single ATV. We also do not allow anyone to drive one of our ATVs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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