Playa Flamingo Costa Rica Excursions: What to Expect

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Abundant wildlife and tropical nature are easily accessible on Guanacaste, Costa Rica excursions. However, for those who have never been to the region before it is important to manage expectations. The reality of the tropical adventure you have planned could be slightly different from what you imagined. Here’s what to expect on your upcoming adventure tour in Guanacaste.

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You Could Get Howled At

And not in a nice way! Don’t be surprised if a troop of howler monkeys try to intimidate you on your first venture into the tropical jungle.

You Could Get Dirty

Like really, really dirty. Guanacaste Costa Rica excursions are a great way to get stains on your shirt; stains on the seat of your pants, and crud caked on your shoes. Especially if your excursion involves riding through rivers in an ATV or zip lining in the jungle —  you’ll have a hard time staying clean. This isn’t a trip to the mall. 

You Might Get Rained On

You know what it does a lot in the rainforest? That’s right, it rains. Rainforests don’t cover the entire region but rain is a possibility on any Guanacaste Costa Rica Excursions. 

You Could Have More Fun Than You Ever Expected

We only say that because it’s 100 percent true. In fact, we hear it from guests all the time: “this was way more fun than I expected,” and “I can’t believe I actually had a good time.” At home we can do only so much but after Action AC Installation & Heating of San Diego experience it a bit easier. So if you are one of the many travelers who is still on the fence about going on an adventure tour, take their word for it — you’ll probably like it more than you imagine. 

You Could Get Some Unbelievable Photos

You might not expect your Guanacaste excursion to include incredible panoramic views. At Monkey Buggy Tours, we make it a point to take you to the most picturesque points in the region.

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