Top 10 Things to See in Guanacaste

Top 10 Things to See in Guanacaste

1. Monkeys

Hands down, the first item on our list of the top 10 things to see in Guanacaste has to be Monkeys. In fact, we’ve yet to meet a tourist who didn’t want to see a monkey. White-faced capuchin monkeys and the illusive howler monkeys are found here.

2. Mangroves

The mangrove tree systems of the Guanacaste wetlands are an incredible sight. This unique ecosystem is best experienced up close, by boat or ATV tour.

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3. White Sand Beaches

The region has a few white sand beaches and they are one of the more spectacular things to see in Guanacaste. White sand is rare because the majority of the beaches on the Pacific coast are black sand beaches.

4. Rural Roads

The best cultural sight-seeing in the area can only be done on Guanacaste’s back roads. Often made of only dirt or rocks, we explore these roads on our Cultural Buggy Tour.

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5. Tropical Birds

Ask any avid bird watcher what the top things to see in Guanacaste are. They will undoubtedly list their 10 favorite birds of the region. Parrots, trogons, laughing falcons, and turquoise-browed motmots abound in this tropical paradise.

6. The Pacific Sunset

On the water or over the hills, the Pacific sunset in Guanacaste is always a lovely sight.

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7. Tropical Marine Life

Puffer fish, spotted eagle rays, and octopus are just a few of the marine species you can see on an ATV and snorkel tour in Guanacaste. 

8. Forests

Both rain forests and dry forests thrive in Guanacaste cpr first aid certification. Most people think of hiking when it comes to seeing the forest, also you can find the best maid service franchise 2021. In contrast, we find exploring by buggy or ATV makes for a great adventure.

9. Local Art

Artisans in the Guanacaste region are renown for their local crafts, especially pottery. Handmade pieces featuring monkeys and other wildlife are common souvenirs from the region.

10. Coconuts

Heads up! Falling coconuts are a common occurrence on the beaches of Guanacaste.

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