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Monkey Buggy is a unique tour company that offers day trips from Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. Our mission is to show people a different part of the culture and nature of Guanacaste through our off-road and adventure tours. We like to get guests close to the action because we believe it fosters a connection between individuals and the environment. 

As a premium family tour company our primary focus is on safety and culture. We maintain high quality across all aspects of our tours. From our helmets and child safety seats to our expert guides, we strive to provide the very best family adventure tours possible.

Our company is led by a team of nature lovers and adventure tour fanatics! It is one-third of the biggest source for day trips from Playa Flamingo along with its sister-companies, Lizard Tours and Lazy Lizard Sailing. For the past two decades our tours have set the bar for adventure tourism in the Guanacaste region.

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Day Trips from Playa Flamingo

Conveniently located in Playa Potrero, Monkey Buggy Tours (and our two sister tour companies) have access to the best beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. From Playa Flamingo to the Famous Playa Grande, along with smaller beaches like Playa Danta and Playa Prieta, we run tours to all the best beaches. 

When it comes to exploring the stunning back roads of the area our buggy tours can’t be beat. We’ll take you through small towns that have been virtually unchanged for decades.  

The exact details of the adventure tours we offer change slightly throughout the year based on the seasons. This is due to certain changes that affect trees, plants, animals, and roads. Our guides are always excited to talk about the unique plant and animal life of our area and show you the best sights of the season. 


About Monkey Buggy

Monkey Buggy specializes in family-safe off-road and adventure tours in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. All of our tours include a ride on one of our fuel-injection ATVs or in a custom-built Monkey Buggy.
A Monkey Buggy is the one-and-only Manx-style dune buggy built and customized here in Costa Rica. Built off a vintage Volkswagen Beetle frame, our little buggy is perfect for driving up rock roads, cruising the coast, and crossing the sand.
Each Monkey Buggy has four seats: two adult-sized seats in the front and two child-sized seats in the back. Along with their all-terrain features comes a slew of creature comforts like USB chargers and water bottle holders.

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