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Buggy FAQs

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Buggy FAQs

What is a Monkey Buggy?

A Monkey Buggy is a custom-built off-road vehicle. Inspired by the original dune buggies of California and built off vintage Volkswagen Beetles, our buggies were made just for the tropical environment of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

How many people can ride in one buggy?

Each Monkey Buggy can comfortably accommodate two adults in front and two children in back.

Is there a minimum age to ride in a Monkey Buggy?

Yes. Children must be at least two years old to ride in a Monkey Buggy.

Do you have child safety seats?

Yes. We provide forward-facing child safety seats for children 2-years or older in compliance with Costa Rican transit laws. 

Do I have to drive behind another buggy?

Yes. One of our tour guides will drive the buggy that leads the tour.

Can the buggies flip over?

While some buggies are notorious for flipping over our buggies are very stable because we designed them with a much lower center of gravity. Additionally, our guides are experts at avoiding dangerous situations with our buggies.

Tour Details

Will we see monkeys?

Although we cannot predict where wildlife will be on any given day, most of our guests do get to see monkeys on their tours. You have the best chance of seeing a capuchin or howler monkey on one of our buggy tours. 

It’s raining — is my tour cancelled?

Probably not. We do not cancel tours due to a little rain. It depends on the severity of the weather conditions, but as long as it is safe to drive your tour will run as scheduled. 

Can I just rent a buggy or ATV and go off on my own?

No. While most of our tours allow time for guests to lead the way or do a little exploring, we do request that you go with one of our guides and stick to one of our tour routes. 

Does Monkey Buggy have English-speaking guides?

Yes. All of our ATV and buggy tour guides are bilingual — they speak both English and Spanish.

Where is Monkey Buggy Located?

Monkey Buggy is located in Playa Potrero in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. 

An Important Note About Safety

As a guest on a Monkey Buggy tour you will be required to utilize specific safety equipment. This could include but is not limited to helmets, seat belts, life vests, and zip line harnesses. Failure to comply with our safety equipment usage and procedures could result in termination of your tour.
When in doubt, ask your tour guide. It’s his job to maintain the safety of the group throughout the tour. Pay close attention to your guide and heed his directions throughout the entire tour to ensure your safety.
Monkey Buggy is not responsible for any personal items you bring with you on a tour. Keep your technology safe by protecting it from dirt, water, and falls. Our buggies come equipped with USB ports so you can keep devices like smartphones and cameras charged while out on the tour.


How old do you have to be to drive an ATV?

ATV drivers must be at least 16 years-of-age with a valid drivers’ license.

How many people can ride on one ATV?

Monkey Buggy’s 420cc ATVs can safely carry up to two adults.

What is the minimum age to ride on an ATV?

Children 7-years and older can ride on an ATV with a licensed adult driver.

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